Effective Accident Investigation (Tài liệu hướng dẫn học OSHAcademy khóa 702)


Tài liệu hướng dẫn này được biên soạn như một công cụ giúp người học có thể chuẩn bị để hoàn thành thành công khóa học OSHAcademy 702. Đọc mỗi phần, trả lời các câu đố và gửi câu trả lời trực tuyến qua trang web www.oshatrain.org. Các bài kiểm tra cuối cùng sẽ bao gồm các câu hỏi phát triển từ các nội dung khóa học và các câu đố trong từng phần.

Effective Accident Investigation (Tài liệu hướng dẫn học OSHAcademy 702)
Effective Accident Investigation (Tài liệu hướng dẫn học OSHAcademy khóa 702)


Module 1: The Basics
What is an accident?
Accidents and incidents
Accident Types
Are accidents always unplanned?
Old Theory – Worker Error
New Theory – Systems Approach
Why conduct an “investigation”?
Characteristics of an effective accident investigation program
Module 1 Quiz
Module 2: Initiating the Investigation
Why conduct the investigation?
Let’s get started!
When should you secure the accident scene?
Why secure the accident scene?
Two things may disappear after an accident occurs
Reporting accidents to OSHA
Basic requirement
Module 2 Quiz
Module 3: Documenting the Accident Scene
Document before it goes away
Why the team approach works best
Methods to document the accident scene
Make personal observations
Get initial statements
Take photos of the accident scene
Take video clips of the scene
Sketch the accident scene
Some sketching pointers
Interview records
Final words
Module 3 Quiz
Module 4: Conducting Effective Interviews
Digging up the facts can be a challenge
Steve’s Seven “Rights” of the interview process
Cooperation is the Key
Preparing for the interview
Effective Interviewing Techniques
Final words
Module 4 Quiz
Module 5: Conducting Event Analysis
Sorting it all out
Analysis defined
Why accidents happen
Single Event Theory
The Domino Theory
Multiple Cause Theory
The final event in an unplanned process
Developing the sequence of events
Four categories of events
The two components of an event: The Actor and the Action
Sample sequence of events
Paint a word picture
Sample sequence of events
Final Words
Module 5 Quiz
Module 6: Cause Analysis
Three Phases of Cause Analysis
Injury Analysis
Harmful Forms of Energy
Event Analysis
What are Surface Causes
Hazardous Conditions
Unsafe or Inappropriate Behaviors
Analysis Tools
System Analysis
Last Words
Module 6 Quiz
Module 7: Developing Solutions
What is a good recommendation?
Why decision-makers don’t respond quickly
Do it right!
The Hierarchy of Control Strategies
Higher priority strategies that control hazards
Lower priority strategies to control exposure and behaviors
Recommend system improvements
“GIGO” or “QIQO”?
To develop great recommendations, ask six key questions
Estimating direct and indirect costs
What is the ratio between direct (insured) and indirect (uninsured) costs in your scenario?
What is the ratio between total accident costs to direct costs?
What is return on the investment (ROI)?
Provide options
Module 7 Quiz
Module 8: Writing the Report
Perception is reality
The Accident Report Form
Section I. Background
Section II. Description of the accident
Section III. Findings
Section IV. Recommendations
Section V. Summary
Open Document
Module 8 Quiz
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